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Areas of Treatment

Work-related Concerns

I have a special interest in working with clients who are experiencing challenges or transitions within their work. This includes folks who are dealing with burnout, questioning a career transition, and/or wanting to develop better boundaries and foster greater balance between their work and personal life.

Relationship Therapy

I offer relationship therapy both for couples and individuals. The approach I use for relationship work is the Gottman method. I love helping couples strengthen their relationships and foster greater communication and conflict management strategies. For individuals, relationship work can focus on exploring the impact of past/present relationships and developing new patterns in relationships. 

Other Concerns

I love digging into existential work with people, including processing through deep questions around self-concept/identity, beliefs, and meaning. I've also pursued developing coaching skills so I can help people take action towards what will foster greater meaning in their lives.

Prior to entering private practice, I worked in public mental health providing therapy for a wide range of concerns. Anxiety and depression are the two most commonly experienced mental health challenges and I have plenty of practice helping clients experience recovery and growth through those experiences.

My Approach

My guiding values as a therapist are honesty, curiosity, and fun. It's important to me that clients know what we're doing and why. I'm straightforward and I ask for feedback from clients to make sure therapy is meeting their needs and/or adapt the process when needed. I always seek to highlight clients' strengths and I look for opportunities to use creativity and humour to enhance therapy.

If you are looking for the particular modalities/approaches I use, here they are:

-Solution Focused Therapy/Positive psychology

-Gottman Method Couple Therapy, Level II

-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

-Compassion-focused approach

-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

-I will also incorporate a faith-based approach if so desired by a client (however I'm not an expert on all faiths out there so if this is you - let's chat about it)

My Approach
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