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Headshot of Whitney Ireland

A bit more about me

Well, for one, I wore the blazer in that photo just for that photo. You're unlikely to meet me in the office in a blazer. So please feel free to come to therapy in something comfy if you like, no need for starch around here. 

My Story at a Glance

  • I entered the mental health field in 2014, working with middle school students on a mental health research project. Prior to that I had completed a B.A. in Recreation, Sports, and Tourism with a minor in psychology. After a few short months in the field, I knew working in mental health was for me

  • I began a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University in January 2015 and graduated in December 2017 while continuing to work in the field. Since 2014, I've worked in schools, inpatient psychiatric care, community mental health and in private practice

  • Even though it wasn't the most streamlined process to become a psychologist, I really value the unique background I come from. My Bachelor's degree in recreation helps me take a more holistic view of my clients. Don't be surprised if I talk to you about flow

  • School sucked the hobbies out of me for a bit there, but I'm thankful to say my love of reading has been revived and I've taken up pottery (and I would like everyone to know that the Great Pottery Throwdown has to be the best bit of reality television out there)

  • Licensing as a psychologist is a decently gruelling process. I became a provisional psychologist in June 2018 and completed my supervised hours (1600 of them) and licensing exams (Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology and ethics oral examination) and became fully registered in August 2019. You can find me on the College of Alberta Psychologists register here

  • Since registering, I've continued to take trainings, consult with other psychologists, and read books, developing my skills and learning new approaches to therapy - the learning never stops - it's like humans are complicated or something

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