Couples Therapy Session (90 min.) - $300/session*

Couples Therapy Session (60 min.) - $200/session

*90 minute sessions are recommended for couples

Individual Therapy Session (60 min.) - $200/session

First Individual Therapy Session (75 min.) - $225/session*

*In the first session, it is very important to complete a thorough assessment (discussing your history and relevant context). This should not be rushed, and in order to provide sufficient time to complete a thorough assessment in addition to a regular therapy session, initial sessions are 75 minutes with a prorated fee (the last 15 minutes are charged at 50% of the regular fee). 

Group Therapy (per person) - $60/session

*Many benefits providers cover sessions provided by a Registered Psychologist. Please check with your provider. After each session you will be provided an invoice that can be submitted for coverage. 

*If you are not covered by a benefit plan, psychological services are typically eligible to be claimed on your taxes as a medical expense (please confirm current year CRA guidelines with your accountant)

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